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Bo’alamo is the ultimate destination for the uber men with panache for glamour and style. Inspired by the creativity, artistry and designs of the fashion power house, Italy, we bring you the latest cherry picked high end fashion fabric from across the globe to suit the style and preferences of our savvy clientele.

Our close association with the top notch designers worldwide has enabled us to bring innovative dressing solutions for men who love the impeccable and matchless finish of superior linen, cotton and velvet fabric and those who love the uniqueness and individuality that only carefully designed fabric bestows.

Project Details

Client: Bo’alamo

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At Bo’alamo, we have the largest collection of choicest high end fabrics. Our designers keep a close watch on the fashion world to bring us the latest and the best designs before it hits the market. That’s precisely why, our clients are not just the best dressed men, but they are also the trendsetters!

Our designers travel extensively to procure beautiful fabric. Right from the designer fabrics of the fashion capital Italy to superior artistry of France and Germany to ace craftsmanship of batik designs of Bali and painstakingly woven handlooms from India, we have it all!

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